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Low Air Pressure Down the Hole Bit

  • CIR Series Drill Bit

    Low Air Pressure CIR series DTH hammer bit Produce details: KINGDRILLING rock drilling tools manufacturer has a full range of DTH drill bits with CIR shanks type for a wide range of hole sizes, which are designed to match all conceivable applications for water well...
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  • CIR Low Air Pressure Drill Bit

    CIR Low air pressure down the hole bit Product details: KINGDRILLING hammer bits are used with Down-the-hole hammers for drilling holes through a wide range of rocks types. In conjunction with DTH hammers, drill hammer bits are designed with a spline drive for rotating the...
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  • Low Air Pressure Rock Drill Bit

    Low Air Pressure rock drill bit Product details: DTH bit is the tool cutting rocks, and subject to severe stress from the striking piston as well as from the abrasive cuttings passing the bit at high velocity. When selecting the right bit for optimum performance you have to...
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  • Low Air Pressure Dth Bit

    Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer drill Bit Product details: KINGDRILLING provides rock drilling tools including civil engineering projects, tunneling, surface drilling, anchoring, foundation projects, and piling. This is true for all drilling methods such as top hammer, DTH and...
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We're professional low air pressure down the hole bit manufacturers in China, producing high quality products used in mining and drilling. Feel free to buy bulk low air pressure down the hole bit made in China at competitive price from our factory.
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