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Drill Rods Adapters

  • MF Extension Rod

    Product Details: Extension rod, other names are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and Extension steel, M/F rod ( Speed rod ) , Produce Hexagonal and round cross sections , Hexagon rods are more rigid, heavier and transfer energy more efficiently, while increasing...
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  • MM Extension Rod

    MM Extension Rod Product details: Extension rods are made by hollow drill steels; there are two shapes of extension rods, round type and hexagonal type. This hollow hole are usually named flushing hole, used for transmitting water or air during drilling. And the threads can...
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  • MF Speed Rods

    MF Speed Extension Rod Product Details: Extension rod, other names are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and Extension steel, MF rod ( Speed rod ), are for in drifting, tunneling, long-hole drilling, bench and production drilling industries. These rods are produced...
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  • Coupling Sleeve

    Coupling Sleeve KINGDRILLING coupling sleeve are made from steel as same grade as internationally well-known brand CNC processing procedure ensure the perfect match of thread.Reliable quality from precise supervision of heat-treatment Coupling sleeves, other name is Coupling,...
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  • HEX 22 Tapered Drill Rod

    Tapered Drill Rod Product details : KINGDRILLING offers a complete line of taper drill rods and DTH bits for all of your hand-held pneumatic drilling needs. Our tapered bit and rods come in a variety of taper angles. KINGDRILLING Tapered Drill Rod is to provide a hexagonal...
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  • HEX 25 Tapered Drill Rod

    Product details : Tapered drill rod, another name called taper rod or conical drills, tapered drill steels from rock drilling tools manufacturer KINGDRILLING which provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. It usually has a forged...
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  • HEXagon Drill Pipe

    Hexagon Drill Pipe Product details KINGDRILLING provides rock drilling tools including civil engineering projects, tunneling, surface drilling, anchoring, foundation projects, and piling. This is true for all drilling methods such as top hammer, DTH and rotary drilling. Drill...
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  • API Drill Pipe

    Product features: 1.Application in hard, very hard,and medium soft rock formation. 2.Reliable quality, long service life, rare abnormal breakage during service life. 3.Good flushing effect to ensure high drilling rate. Product Application: Can be used in hole-drilling works,...
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  • PIN to BOX Drill Sub Adapters

    PIN to BOX Drill pipe Sub adapter: Product details Different drill pipe sub adapter are available to help different thread part connect together. Rod to core barrel, rod to water swivel, rod adapter, casing adapter etc. Tool joint material:40Cr, 45Mn2, 35CrMo, 4137H, etc....
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  • PIN to PIN Drill Sub Adapters

    PIN to PIN Drill Sub adapter: Product details: Rock drill tools factory Kingdrilling manufacture various accessories to meet comprehensive of requirement, which consists of sub adapters and wrenches that are made of superior alloy steel. Sub adapters: Pin-Box type, Pin-Pin...
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  • BOX to BOX Drill Sub Adapters

    BOX to BOX Drill pipe Sub adapter: Product detail: DTH tools factory Kingdrilling can manufacture various tool joints, drilling joints, crossover coupling and blank joints, drill pipe joint, lock joints, etc. Drill pipe usage notes: 1.New tool joint should be pasted thread...
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We're professional drill rods adapters manufacturers in China, producing high quality products used in mining and drilling. Feel free to buy bulk drill rods adapters made in China at competitive price from our factory.
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