6 characteristics of the cutting quality of the Coal Pick
Jun 05, 2018

The cutter of the shearer is a very important equipment, especially when it is used, it is related to the whole coal mining situation. It is a consumable which is difficult to push off in the coal mining work and is difficult to escape. If the performance and characteristics of the shearer pick can be improved, the efficiency of the coal mining industry can be improved and the production cost can be reduced. But this is mainly to rely on the picks cutting characteristics to determine the overall quality of the industry.

First, the cutting characteristics of the shearer come from this high strength steel, especially the high strength alloy steel used in the raw material. After heat treatment, it can maintain high strength, toughness, and very high wear resistance. Ensure the quality of mining.

Two. The main part of the cutting gear characteristic of the shearer is the cutter head of the coal cutting teeth. It must be used for high quality and cold isostatic pressing. These materials are all hard alloy. Because of this high quality and related operation, the pick characteristics of shearers can be applied to many fields and equipment.

Three. The cutting gear characteristics of the shearer mainly have a very wide range of functions, which can meet the different needs of different customers. According to the different coal and half coal and rock, the cutting gear of different coal shearer can be designed and produced.

Four. The cutting gear characteristics of the shearer are the vulnerable parts of the mining machinery. After a long period of analysis and research, the reliability of the cutter can be analyzed from the selection of the new coal cutting teeth, the arrangement of the cutting teeth of the shearer and the improvement of the structure.

Five. The picks of different strata can be developed according to different coal seams in the cutting characteristics of shearers. The cutting teeth can be divided into two aspects, such as common coal cutting teeth, sandstone coal cutting teeth and so on, of which the hard rock Shearer has a very important influence on the difficult conditions of the gas coal mine.

Six, improve the pick characteristics of shearers, reduce the proportion of coal cutter cutting consumption to coal production cost, and effectively improve the effective working time of shearers.

The cutting characteristics of the shearer are very useful in the field of professional coal mining. Especially in the market activities, more production energy can be placed in other places where it is necessary, and it will not cause the low production efficiency, and it can be very humanized and relatively adapt to the environment when used. So that many users praise the shearer pick.


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