Drilling tool storage
Nov 20, 2018

(1) The drill pipe of the pipe station or the corresponding unit shall be stored on the pipe rack of 0.5m or more from the ground according to the specifications. The span between the pipe racks is 3--4m. It should be ensured that each drill has at least three support points. The stack of drills must be anti-slip, and the number of stacked layers should not exceed 6 layers (the stack is not limited). The foundation of the pipe rack should be firm and flat, and the pad bars should be aligned up and down.

(2) The well site drilling tools should be placed on the movable pipe rack. Each drill has at least two support points, and the two ends of the drill are not more than 1.5m. During the process of transshipment, recycling, loading and unloading and transportation, the drill should be worn with a wire and must not be pulled and collided on the ground.

(3) When storing, the rubber band of the drill pipe must be removed.

(4) The drilling tool should be regularly rust-proof and anti-corrosive. If there is rust, it should be removed.

(5), the well field drilling tools are classified and discharged, and the inner thread joints are arranged neatly in the direction of the drill floor.

(6) No heavy objects, acid or alkaline chemicals shall be placed on the drill, and electric or gas welding shall not be carried out on it.

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