How can we prolong the service life of the screw drill?
Jun 05, 2018

Spiral drill pipe is a general name or abbreviation for spiral series drill rod. Its advantages are obvious, high efficiency, high yield, low energy consumption and so on. It is very popular in the mineral industry. But long because of improper operation, the life of drill pipe is very short.

1. The drill pipe drill should be placed in a stable and strong place. It is the machine that can run smoothly and normally. Before starting, the firmness of the machine parts should be checked, the tightness of the stop belt is moderate, and the oil level in the reducer is in line with the depth alarm device of the standard long spiral drill. Before starting, the operating rod should be placed in an empty position. After starting, an empty operation test should be made to check the working conditions of the instruments, temperature, sound, brake and so on.

Two. When the spiral drill rig is constructed, the drill rod should be put down slowly to make the drill point to the hole position. When the current meter pointer is biased towards the non load state, the drill can be drilled. In the process of drilling, the speed of the drill should be slowed down when the current meter exceeds the rated current. When the long auger drill sends out an emergency signal, it should stop drilling immediately. After the alarm is lifted, it will continue to work. When the long auger drill is stuck, the power should be disconnected immediately. After checking, it should not be forced to start. When the drill pipe is reversing, it should be stopped after the drill pipe is stopped.

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