How to select the dth hammer?
Aug 31, 2018

Before drilling, choosing the suitable pneumatic DTH hammer, the following factors should be observed:

1. The hole dimension.

In most cases, choosing the drilling bit which the outer diameter is closest to the dimension of drilling hole, it can reduce the risk of collapse and clean hole easier. Around hammer, there should have enough annular space to make the drilling cuttings pass away. It can provide the effective operation condition. Ming hammer and the drilling hole range will be showed in next page:


2.  Air consumption

Choosing the hammer, air consumption should be considered. Different hammer required different air consumption and pressure. In general, larger hammer required higher air consumption and lower pressure. As for the suitable air consumption and pressure for hammer, please check the air consumption table or maintenance manual.


3. The drill rig capacity

Larger drill bit and hammer need larger torque from drill rig, but with the limit of maximum load.

About the capacity of drill rig or any other question, please contact with your drill rig producer.

MING DTH HAMMER for drilling rig.jpg

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