Improvement of eccentricity and use in use
Jan 16, 2019

In the construction, in order to adapt to different strata, drilling tools are often required to be continuously improved. According to the stratum, the eccentric and pipe drilling tools should be continuously improved. The following are several improvements in the original structure:

1, the improvement of the positive

The guiding device plays the role of transmitting torque and impact force in the eccentric heel tube. At present, the main problems of the guiding device are: A, the spline is easy to break B, the large step is not wear-resistant C, the R groove is easy to wear.

Specific solutions:

a、At present, there are many impactors in the market that are compatible with eccentricity. Because these impactors are often used in mines, only ordinary drills are used, and the torque of the splines is not large enough, but for eccentric heels, it is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the spline should be increased to withstand up to 2000 Nm.

b、The large steps are not wear-resistant, which causes waste of materials, and often leads to the impact of efficiency. Now experimenting with embedding the alloy on a large step can increase the wear resistance by a factor of two.

c、The R groove is not wear-resistant, which will cause the eccentric head and the guide to be stuck, so that it cannot be recycled and cause an accident in the hole. In this case, a pin can be inserted into the guide to withstand the torque of the eccentric head, so that the R slot is only subjected to tensile force.

Improvement of eccentric drill bit

The eccentric bit is the forefront of the entire eccentric heel, and its quality will have a more direct impact on the entire system. The current eccentric head is generally no big problem, as long as the alloy wears and the carcass hardness is too good. The problem is that the drill bit is often dropped. The solution is:

a、An arcuate groove is milled on the end face of the eccentric head to match the pin on the guide to withstand the torque.

b, the vertical pin of the heart no longer uses the thread structure, but the collar structure, because the thread structure is easy to trip in the vibration, causing the eccentric head to fall off.

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