Introduction of types and uses of submersible drills
Jun 05, 2018

Dive drill is not a common tool, but it is a very important equipment in many outdoor projects. According to different needs, the types and use characteristics of the drills are different. Before bursting, drilling is carried out with a DTH Drill (loading explosives in the well bore).

There are two types of internal combustion and electric type in the submersible drilling. The submersible drill can be divided into two types according to the different working place. According to the different aperture, it can be divided into light submersible drill, medium hole drilling machine and heavy submersible drilling rig.

With the development of science and technology, most of the work in the construction is completed by the machine. In the urban construction, railway, highway, river, hydropower and other projects, we can see the shadow of the dive drill. It can complete various drilling construction.

The characteristics of the DTH Drill are high efficiency, low cost and stable performance. In order to make it run more smoothly in practical use, it also increases the anti card protection. The lightness of the fuselage is very convenient for mobile machines, and the use of rolling pallets can reduce wear.

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