Large diameter DTH hammer application in pile foundation construction
Aug 28, 2018

Pneumatic DTH hammer drilling belongs to a branch of air drilling, which put the compressed air as power. Through continuing changing the inlet direction in the impactor to realize the piston within the cylinder movement back and forth, and constantly provide impact energy and impact frequency directly effect on the bit, and then through the rotation to drive the drilling rig and drill pipe to form the pulsation of the rock broken, at the same time, an impact rotary method use the compressed air to discharge the cuttings. Its main features are: high efficiency when drill hard rock, good pore forming quality (vertical pile hole), forming the hole without secondary hole cleaning, etc. This method has high drilling efficiency (is common rotary drilling method of 3 ~ 10 times), advantages of integrated lower cost, is the first selection of rock-socketed piles construction drilling and digging process.

DTH hammer drilling in piling.JPG

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