Problems to be aware of when drilling with pipe
Jan 07, 2019

Drilling with the pipe is to change the wind-driven down-the-hole hammer to an eccentric drill, adding casing and casing boots. The drilling drilling construction process requires high requirements for the drilling rig. The equipment needs to be equipped with a variety of drilling tools. The drilling tool configuration is good or bad, which not only greatly affects the hole forming efficiency, but also is prone to drilling accidents.

During the drilling process, as the drilling tool is continuously deflected by the force of gravity, the drilling machine is upturned, and the longer the drilling is, the more obvious this phenomenon is. Therefore, the inclination of the drilling machine in position should be less than the design inclination angle.

(2) The eccentric heel drill should check the impactor, eccentric hammer, guide, casing boots and pneumatic diving hammer one by one before construction to make it work normally. The eccentric hammer should be able to rotate flexibly. The connecting pin and the locking mechanism should be firm. The connection between the drill pipe and the DTH hammer and the DTH hammer and the eccentric drill should be reliable, and the casing and casing boots should be free of cracks.

(3) When drilling with the pipe, after confirming that the drill bit is in contact with the gravel layer, first turn it. After it is normal, the wind is driven by the wind.

(4) For every 0.3m to 0.5m of drilling, the strong air blown holes should be drained once to keep the holes clean. When blowing holes, the lifting distance of the center drilling tool should be strictly controlled; it is forbidden to pull up the center drilling tool or back and forth during the drilling process.

(5) When the eccentric head is partially caught by the slag and cannot close the eccentric head, the air compressor should be started to clean the drill hole again, and the down-the-hole hammer should be worked for a short time, and then the test is carried out. Until the center drill is presented.

(6) The length of the heel tube can be determined according to the actual conditions of the geological. When the pipe is not in place, the depth of the pipe can reach the required depth and then the conventional drill bit can be used for hole-forming.

(7) After the lower cable is successfully, the casing can be pulled out. When lifting the casing, first install the base of the pipe drawing machine on the lifting base surface, then install the oil cylinder to the base on the left and right or the upper and lower symmetry, and then fix it, then install the main plate and the casing slip. Start the oil pump cylinder to fill the oil, and use the principle of hydraulic force transmission to pull the casing. When installing the cylinder, the cylinder should be extended in the same direction as the axis of the casing to avoid the force being distracted and the casing to be broken.

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