Several methods to improve the life of geological drilling rod
Jun 05, 2018

The manufacturing link of the geological drill rod is the selection of material, the selection of hollow steel production process and the process of making brazing, and the process of making brazing mainly includes forging, machining, heat treatment, surface strengthening and anticorrosion. The way to improve the life of geological drill pipe is mainly from the above aspects, focusing on solving the weak links, and constantly improving and improving the technological requirements.

1. Continuous improvement from the structure of rock drilling machinery, for example, a small piston from one head of a pneumatic rock drill to an equal diameter cylinder piston of a hydraulic rock drill, the wave of the rock drilling stress wave is changed while the rock drilling speed is constantly improved, and the damage stress on the drill rod is reduced.

2. Improve the mechanical properties of the drill rod material and the production technology level of the hollow steel, reduce the internal and external defects of the rod as much as possible, so as to ensure the high quality and service life of the drill rod. Of course, the proper operation and management of rock drilling, the good coordination between the front parts and their machining accuracy are also the basic conditions for ensuring the life of the drill rod.

There are many kinds of brazing rod, and its interface is different. The commonly used drilling rod should be the geological drill rod. The application of this kind of drill rod is more extensive. The service life of this kind of drill rod is also good. It can be applied to the mining of all kinds of mines. The geological drill rod is in fact the interfactual work due to the complex stress state and bad environment. The life span is only tens of minutes to dozens of hours. With the development of rock drilling machinery in the aspect of high power and high frequency, it is urgent to improve the life of geological drill pipe in an all-round way.

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