Underground DTH drilling rig principle and composition
Jun 05, 2018

The DTH bit is installed on the machine. The machine is a DTH Drill.

In order to meet the needs of mining methods in underground mines and deep hole classification blasting, the Soviet Union has adopted a stenting submersible drilling rig in the underground mine in 1953.

Due to the limitation of space and transportation conditions, the underground drilling rig must be compact in structure, small in size and easy to assemble and disassemble, and the work is very reliable.

Because of the different conditions of each mine, the submersible submersible drilling rig (non self-propelled) and drill type submersible drilling rig (self-propelled type, also known as underground submersible drilling car) have been developed respectively.

Pneumatic downhole drilling machine has two types: low pressure type (not more than 0.7MPa) and high pressure type (1 ~ 2. 5MPa). In 1990s, a hydraulic downhole drill (drill car) was developed.

Working principle and characteristics of underground submersible drilling rig

The drilling principle of the submersible drilling rig is the same as the heavy rock drill. It is intermittent rock rock (ore) stone and rotates continuously. Different is the impact mechanism of the dive drilling machine, which is mounted on the front of the drill rod, dive into the bottom of the hole, and the piston is directly impacted by the drill. The bottom of the hole is named, and the percussion drill of the drill is completed by impact piston, and the rotary mechanism is realized by the eye turn mechanism.

In order to complete the drilling work with high efficiency, the lifting and amplitude modulation of the drill is completed by the mechanism, and the various movements are controlled by the manipulating mechanism. The supporting mechanism can be the support or the drill.

The debris (powder) formed during drilling. The flow of gas or water between the drill pipe and the wall of the hole is carried out to the hole.

The ability loss of the DTH drilling rig is not like the joint rod drilling of the duck rock machine. The capacity loss increases with the increase of the joint of the drill rod. Because its drill stem does not transport the impact energy, the impact energy loss is small and the hole can be deeper. The noise of the working face is greatly reduced and the drilling accuracy is high because of the deep hole operation in the impactor.


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