Use note of DTH Drill
Jun 05, 2018

In order to correctly use the drill bit and ensure the drilling speed and service life of the drill bit, we must pay attention to the following points:

1, select the down hole bit according to the rock condition (hardness, abrasiveness) and the type of drilling machine (high wind pressure and low wind pressure). Different forms of alloy teeth and tooth arrangement are suitable for drilling different rocks. Choosing the right DTH bit is the premise to get the best use effect.

2. When installing the DTH Drill, the drill should be placed gently into the DTH hole punch card sleeve, so do not force it to avoid damaging the drill tail handle or card drill sleeve.

3. During drilling, ensure sufficient pressure of downhole drill. If there is intermittent work of the percussion device or poor discharge of the hole, it is necessary to check the compressed air system of the down hole drill to ensure that there is no rock residue in the hole during drilling.

4. If metal objects are found in the hole, they should be sucked out in time or removed by other means, so as not to damage the drill bit.

5, pay attention to the hole size that has been drilled when changing the bit. If the diameter of the bit is excessive, but the hole is not ready, the new bit must not be replaced to avoid sticking. The old drill that has been worn and worn roughly the same diameter can be used to complete the operation.

6. Notify the company of the DTH Drill which has been disused in the early stage.

1), rock types and construction sites;

2), the type of the impactor used to be used.

3), failure form of drill bit (broken tooth, falling tooth, bit head collapse, drill tail handle fracture).

4) the service life of the drill bit (the number of meters that have been drilled).

5), the number of failure bits;

6) the number of meters of the drill bit in normal use

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