What adjustments should be made when the drill pipe is used
Jun 05, 2018

Drilling rod is a kind of product which requires high precision. It is widely used in mine and coal mining industry. It is a difficult place in the environment. Its quality is the most important problem. However, in the process of use, it is sure to be damaged. At this time, it is necessary to understand the adjustment and anti-corrosion techniques of the drill rod. If we understand these contents, we can make timely adjustments when the equipment needs to be straighten out, so that the work can proceed normally.

The most difficult problem of high efficiency spiral drill pipe in our country is difficult to enter the international market. Apart from the quality and life span of drill pipe, the straightness is too poor. Because of the high efficiency spiral drill pipe in the process of production through many processes, the process of hoisting, transportation and treatment, often increase the bending of the drill rod, so before the corrosion treatment of the drill rod straightening, to ensure the straightness of the drill pipe to meet the requirements of the product scale, that is, less than 1 mm/m. The purpose of finishing is to improve the flatness of high efficiency screw drill pipe. The flatness of the drill pipe is very important for ensuring the drilling efficiency of drill pipe, reducing the bending fatigue stress and appearance quality.

The anticorrosion treatment of the drill rod is due to the high efficiency and high stress and water erosion of the high efficiency screw drill rod, especially the inner hole of the drill rod, which usually passes into the 1.5MPa water, and the inner hole of the drill pipe has a large flow velocity. So the hole of the drill pipe is easily formed by the erosion pit and causes the exhaustion source, forming the fatigue crack growth rate after the exhausting source is formed. This is the main reason for the fatigue fracture of high efficiency spiral drill pipe. Now the commonly used anticorrosion treatment is phosphating treatment, after phosphating treatment reoccupy the wax seal hole, before phosphating, the drill pipe inner hole and the outer surface all pass sand blasting or shot peening treatment. Because the phosphating layer is a honeycomb structure with strong adhesion to the surface of iron and steel, the corrosion of the water on the inner hole is isolated because of the strong hydrophobicity of the wax with the sealing hole of the earth and the wax. The anticorrosion work of such products is very important. If the equipment can be used for a long time, it is necessary to make anticorrosive measures in good time.

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