with the pipe drilling precautions
Jan 03, 2019

1 During the drilling process, as the drilling tool is continuously deflected by the force of gravity, the drilling machine is upturned and the drilling is longer.The more obvious this phenomenon is, therefore, the inclination of the rig in place should be smaller than the design inclination.

2 eccentric heel drills should be inspected one by one before impactor, eccentric hammer, guide, casing boots andThe wind moves the down-the-hole hammer to make it work normally. The eccentric hammer should be able to rotate flexibly, and the connecting pin and locking mechanism should be strong.Solid, the connection between the drill pipe and the DTH hammer and the DTH hammer and the eccentric drill should be reliable, and the casing and the casing boot should be free of cracks.

3 When drilling with the pipe, after confirming that the drill bit is in contact with the gravel layer, turn it first, then wait for normal, then open the wind.Impulse drilling.

4 Each time a certain distance is drilled, the strong air blown hole should be discharged once to keep the hole clean.

5 When the eccentric part of the eccentric part is stuck by the slag and cannot close the eccentric head, the air compressor should be started again.Drill holes for cleaning, and make the down-the-hole hammer work for a short time, then carry out the test, and then repeat untilOut of the center drill.

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