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Advantages Of Casing Drilling
Jun 05, 2018

1, reduce the time of drilling. The replacement of bit by wire rope is about 5-10 times faster than that of traditional drill pipe.

2. Save the cost of purchase, transportation, inspection, maintenance and replacement related to drill pipe and drill collar.

3, because there is always casing in the wellbore, there will be no swabbing effect on the wellbore when the drill pipe is lowered, so that the well control condition is improved.

4, eliminating the swabbing effect and pressure pulsation caused by the drill pipe.

5. Using the wire rope to drill down the drill bit can keep the mud continuous circulation, prevent drilling cuttings from gathering and reduce the occurrence of well.

6, improve the annulus upper return speed and cleaning the wellbore.  When the mud is pumped into the casing, the hydraulic loss is reduced because the inner diameter is larger than the drill pipe, so that the power of the mud pump of the drilling rig can be reduced. When the mud returns from the annular space between the casing and the shaft lining, due to the reduction of the annular area, the upward and reverse speed is raised, and the carrying condition of the drill cuttings is improved.

7, we can reduce the size of drilling rig, simplify the structure of drilling rig and reduce the cost of drilling rig. The reasons are as follows:

(1) the improvement of hydraulic parameters reduces the demand for drilling mud pump power.

(2) the two floor platform and the drill pipe box with the drill pipe can be removed.

(3) no more drill rods are used,

(4) casing drilling is based on a single casing, no longer need to use a vertical root drilling similar to a double or three drill pipe, so the height of the derrick can be reduced and the weight of the base can be reduced; for a deep drilling rig, the construction of a drill based on a single drilling, the structure and weight ratio of the derrick and the base Rig based on vertical root drilling is much simpler.

8. The rig is more portable and easy to move and operate. The amount of labor and cost of labor will be reduced.

9. According to Tesco's estimate, a 10000 foot well can save about 30% drilling time.

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