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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The DTH Hammer
Jun 05, 2018

DTH drilling is a major reform of conventional rotary drilling.

A new drilling method after diamond drilling and air drilling. It makes good use of the weakness of hard rock brittleness and low shear strength and impact force. It is an effective drilling technology to solve the poor drilling efficiency with low drilling efficiency in hard rock and some complicated rock strata.

Compared with conventional rotary drilling, hydrodynamic DTH drilling has the following advantages:

(1) make full use of the conventional equipment at the scene without changing the existing operating procedures.

(2) because the pump pressure of the mud pump is easy to reach a higher value, the hydraulic hammer is more suitable for the hole depth (5118m).

(3) the hard rock stratum has high drilling time.

(4) the broken stratum is not easy to plug, and the length of the second step is long.

(5) effectively prolong the life of the bit;

(6) to a certain extent, the strength of the hole is reduced.

(7) low energy consumption and less environmental pollution.

(8) not afraid of aquifers and strong wall protection;

(9) easy to repair and easy to operate.

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