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Introduction Of The Coal Pick Of Different Shearers
Jun 05, 2018

The pick of shearer is a popular pick in many picks. It is the first pick for many coal mining enterprises. In fact, there are many kinds of picks, such as cutter pick and pick pick, and so on. Faced with many kinds of coal cutting picks, how should enterprises choose the pick? Now, let's talk about the advantages of different shearers.

Knife shaped cutting teeth:

The shape of the cutter is similar to the shape of the knife, so it is called the knife shape. The biggest advantage of the cutter pick is that it can excavate the coal mine and carry out effective cutting for the deep coal mine rock. Why is it a knife shape? It is because the picks are sharp and sharp enough to finish digging.

Pickaxe cutter:

The shape of picks is circular. When excavating coal mines, the contact area is very small, so the force is bigger and can be quickly excavated. This type of pick is the most selected pick, not only to achieve the desired purpose of excavation, but also has a longer life.

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